About Emanate

Formerly known as Creative Solutions by Em, Emanate is a fresh, new approach to business owner, Emily’s, Creative Services. Emanate encompasses Emily’s three core talents and services (art, illustration and design), as well as how she conducts herself in business and in life — emanating positivity!

Why work with Emanate?

  • Unique solutions, with artistic talents.
  • Great listeners who are comitted, determined and consistently deliver results.
  • Genuine desire to see client’s grow, succeed and thrive.
  • Process is always easy and enjoyable with friendly, personable, customer service and diligent work-ethic.

Business mantra: Emanate beauty, joy, kindess and abundance.

Mission Statment: Provide genuine, personal service, for all of life’s creative needs, and deliver professional, unique, artistic solutions greater than imagined, on time, and with a smile.

About Emily, Owner

Emily graduated from the Red River College Graphic Design program in 2015. Since then she has worked at Manitoba Hydro as a graphic designer full-time. In addition she has always kept busy with a freelance project (or two or three) on the side.

Work habits: My drive to experience life to its’ fullest, while inspiring others to do the same, is the motivation behind the business. In other words, I genuinely desire your life and/or business to be a beautiful, success.

I believe in working towards your dreams, but enjoying yourself while doing it. Life is all about the journey, right?! Expect an easy, fun and extremely rewarding work process; a personal, positive, working relationship; and creative results for your business or life, greater than you ever imagined possible.

Not only am I a creative, easy-going individual, but I like to take a balanced approach in life, as I also enjoy working with numbers, fine details, having a plan, and keeping organized.

Fun facts: I love animals and nature. I grew up on a farm and occasionally help my boyfriend on his cattle farm. I secretly love numbers, problem solving and math. Food and nutrition fascinate me. I enjoy jogging and seek movement everyday! If I could donate all my money to save every dog on the planet I would. I mediate/pray for 20-40 minutes every day. My personal mantra is, “life is what you make it”.

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