Emanate Joy — Bee Chive

This piece was created a few weeks ago in preparation for my first ever art show! But the inspiration for this piece came to me in the early summer months.

I remember the evening vividly. I was wondering around aimlessly one night feeling “meh”. It was a Sunday. My weekend wasn’t very productive, but it was busy! Filled with all sorts of summer activities, as summer weekends usually go. I told myself, “You need to get out if this mindset. You have no reason to feel this way!”

I remember a dear friend of mine, Jessica Klassen, once telling me of a day where she felt off. All she did, to change her feelings, was ask the Earth to show her some magic. Within moments her favourite hen, on her big farm, greeted her at the front door. Jess could sense the hen’s peppy, sassy presence and so she mindfully appreciated the hen coming to her rescue and her entire mood changed in that instant.

Sometimes it takes only a small gesture or moment to flip our attention and make us realize that the joy of life doesn’t have to be grand and glorious, the truth is, it surrounds us each and everyday, in both big and small ways, we need only to look for it!

So in that moment, on that quiet Sunday night, I asked, “Earth what will it take for me to see your magic?” At this time I was standing out on my porch in a house coat. My view was beautiful. It was a warm summer night. But that’s not what caught my attention.

Within the flower bed alongside the porch, we have a small plant of chives. At this time of year the chives had big, bright, purple flowers. Buzzing around the flowers were close to 10 bees!! And a couple butterflies too. It was quite the sight.

I ran back inside to grab my camera and capture the moment. It was beautiful. The hum of the bees at work was so peaceful. I took pictures from every angle, coming within inches of some of the bees.

In that instant my mood changed.

“Earth,” I thought to myself, “thank you. For opening my eyes and allowing me to see your magic. What will it take to have this vision all the time?!”

Take this moment now, to put down your phone or glance away from your laptop and allow something to catch your gaze that brings you joy. Find reasons to be grateful for this object and the memories it holds and bask in that feeling.

May you realize that life carries joy and magic all the time, in every moment. You just have to look for it.

Have a sunny day friends!



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