Emanate Joy Project

What is that one thing in your life that you can’t live without? The thing that pulls you into a magical, wonderful space of peace, freedom, and unimaginable joy? Almost like being a little kid again where the responsibilities of life fade away!

What is your magical thing? Is it dance? Yoga? Swimming? Socializing? Horse-back riding? Traveling? Jogging? We all have it. Some of us have one, some of us have ten.

Maybe some of us haven’t found it yet, but believe me, it’s out there! Don’t be afraid to try new things, keep an open mind, go outside your comfort zone, believe in yourself, ask the universe and it will show up!

But, how many of you have found it already? (Probably quite a few I bet). And how many of us actually make time for it each and every day? (Guilty, not me!). If you do, that is fabulous!!! Share your secrets below. But if you’re like me, keep reading …

I know what brings me joy. What makes me feel alive. And yet, it’s last on my priority list.

I complain that I don’t feel like myself. I don’t feel motivated enough. Or have enough energy.

All it would take is making that one magical thing a priority, and all my worries would fade away!

But yet, I don’t do it. It’s always last on my list.

Isn’t that the craziest, most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? Why do we do this to ourselves!

Oh brother.

There are many things that bring me joy. Many of the things mentioned above in fact. But the one thing that makes me feel more like myself, more magical and wonderful than anything else? Being creative!

Imagining new beautiful things in my head, putting them on paper, canvas, where-ever, and showing them to the world. Inspiring others. Bringing joy to others. That is my purpose.

This may sound obvious to you. Many of you are probably thinking, “Oh Emily, of course your thing is being creative, you’ve been an artist your whole life!”. But surprisingly, I did not truly encounter this magical feeling and knowing until just last year around this time, when I started working on The Sapling.

I may have always been creative, and have always drawn and painted, but never like this before. Never taking images from my head and putting them on paper.

Ever since I discovered that magical feeling while working on The Sapling, I have been chasing it! And honestly, the only time I feel it is when I totally let loose and create from my soul.

So, moral of that story, your magical thing could be right in front of you! Maybe you aren’t looking at it from the right perspective, or doing it from a totally unfearful, truly you, space.

To clarify, another example might be dancing a routine instead of dancing the way your body moves you. The routine is probably the safer option, but when you allow the music to move you freely, that may be when you are truly vulnerable, and being truly you — just a thought!

The reason I am writing this blog is because I am tired of not making that magical, joyful thing a priority in my life! Who else feels this way too?

Today is a day of change.

Take this as a sign to find your magical thing, your purpose, and pursue it, make it a priority.

I promise all of you that I will do just that. I will create each and every day.

I need to do this for myself, but I also need to do this for all of you. Because not only am I suffering for holding this huge part of me back, but all of you are suffering too.

The truth is, when we allow ourselves to function from our highest, truest potential, be who we are meant to be, and follow our purpose, it helps those around us head in the direction of their highest, truest potential too. It inspires others to follow their dreams and be who they are meant to be. In return they will be more joyful, generous, loving and simply more caring. It truly makes the world a greater place.

It’s like a wonderful chain reaction of joy!!

So, in keeping with my promise, I have created a new personal project! It’s called, Emanate Joy Project!

Once a week or so, I will post a new artistic creation, followed by a brief back story of how it came to be, in the hopes that it will bring joy and inspire those that see it. Hopefully it will start that chain reaction of joy!

I will be presenting them on my blog! So subscribe below if you would like to see future works.

You will also see them on my Facebook page and Instagram feed under Emanate Creative Services, so feel free to follow those too.

Let’s emanate some joy. 🙂



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