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Today’s post is all about the miraculous moment when I chose the name for my business.

Naming a business is a big, scary decision. It’s somthing that will (hopefully) stick around forever. It’s something you will have to believe in, brand, and promote. It should be unique, give insight into what you offer, and if you’re lucky, have a short url! That is a tough one considering that anyone can buy a domain name for $12. There is less and less names to choose from all the time!

I googled ideas for hours upon hours.

Mostly everything I thought of was taken in some form or another. Eventually, after two months of researching, brainstorming, and googling, I had two names to choose from: Triple Creative or Emanate Creative Services.

Triple Creative was practical. It suggested an abundance of creativity, and also spoke to the fact that I offer three different creative services: art, illustration and design.

Emanate Creative Services was a little more abstract. It had the word “Em“ in it (my nickname), and had a more personal connection to me, as it spoke to how I conduct myself in business and life. I am very mindful of the positive energy I share with the world through my creations and my actions.

Both had their pros and cons. I couldn’t choose … So I did the classic “Eenie meanie minie moe“. … After which, I still wasn’t sure … So I wrote them both on a piece of paper. I closed my eyes and said, “When I open my eyes, the first name I see is the one I will go with.“ … Still unconvinced, I went to a co-worker for an answer. She wrote each of the names on a sticky note and mixed them up behind her back. “This time I would choose for sure. Third time’s a charm!“

All three times, I picked the same name … Emanate.

But I couldn’t commit! For some reason, every time I imagined my business with the name “Emanate Creative Services“, my stomach would get a terrible anxious feeling and my hands would get sweaty. I thought to myself, “Why do I keep picking Emanate?! It doesn’t seem right!“

After some pondering I remembered a conversation I had with a friend of mine. She had told me about a friend of hers, who’s mantra in life was “When it comes to my dreams, if it makes me scared, I know I have to do it.“ Sounds pretty crazy, but it actually made sense to me. Fear and anxiety are common when moving forward, changing and growing, and growth is a good thing!

But why was I so gosh darn afraid of Emanate anyway?

Because Emanate not only spoke to the services I provided, it also spoke to who I am as a person. I was terrified of branding my business based on my personality, because it made me vulnerable. However, like my friend’s friend says, when you are afraid, have faith and move forward!

So, I did. I had faith, I faced my fear, and at 2:52 p.m. on a Thursday, I chose Emanate — focusing not just on the services I offer, but how I offer them to you — from my heart.

(Google Angel Number 252, if you dare. 🙂 )


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