The Sapling

For every nature lover.

Bring a part of nature’s magic indoors and share it with your loved ones, through this beautiful children’s book. The nature-focused illustrations will take your breath away. Purchase high qulaity prints here.

Give back.

2$ from every book sold goes to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the treesisters foundation. You get a beautiful book and the earth gets more love and care! Such an awesome way to give back.

Added bonus.

The back of the storybook also includes meditations and activities, for every age of child, to reconnect with nature, find balance, and discover true happiness comes from within.

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Tourism Minnedosa Face-In-Hole Boards

Heritage Village – Blacksmith

Bison Park

Train Park

Dari Isle Drive-In

Beach – In Progress

Riverbend Park

Bird Dog Outdoor Merch Designs

Hat Front View

Hat Side View

Original Concept Sketch

Final Illustration

Final Printed Patch

Shirt Variation Black

Shirt Variation Teal