About Emanate

Emanate Creative Services is a culmination of the creative talents, services and projects Emily Saler has had the pleasure of collaborating on over the past 8 years. Many of the projects displayed are a team effort with incredible clients, and talented, contracted designers, photographers, web developers, and illustrators. Most notably, through Emanate Creative, Emily shares her passion for building authentic brands, providing unique logo designs and brand toolkits, and providing high-quality illustrations for branded merch.

Why work with Emanate?

  • Genuine desire to see client’s grow, succeed and thrive.
  • Process is always easy and enjoyable with friendly, personable, customer service and diligent work-ethic.
  • Great listeners who are committed, determined and consistently deliver results.
  • Unique solutions paired with one-of-a-kind artistic talents.

Mission Statement: Boldly pursue your dreams and inspire others do to the same.

About Emily, Owner

Emily Saler is a master at her craft, a talented artist, a heart-centred leader, and a locally known mentor for authentic branding.

She has always worked full-time as a graphic designer for Manitoba Hydro, where she has had the privilege of working on several high-level campaigns and programs, while simultaneously growing her online business on the side. What started as a side-hustle for all things creative: art, illustration and design, has grown into a high-quality, well-refined business, serving clients locally, from her Hometown of Minnedosa, Manitoba, to all over Manitoba, and even further yet, to all over North America.

When she’s not diving deep into her creative endeavours, she is home, with her family, on their valley paradise farm. Helping her husband raise cattle. Enjoying country living. And watching her son grow into a little farm hand of his own. Family, faith and fun are words Emily lives by, and what she believes makes life so rich.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Emily, be prepared for contagious enthusiasm and optimism in the bold pursuit of your dreams. Together, with Emily, be sure that you can reach and accomplish anything!

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