Emanate Joy — Firey Fox

A couple weeks ago a fox crossed my path. I see a lot of wildlife on the little windy back country road to my home, but not very often do I see a fox, so I knew it was a sign.

At the time I was having a lot of vehicle troubles. My car that I loved dearly, was not fending very well on our particularly nasty gravel roads. The back bumper (which already had some troubles from a previous accident), had broken off and been mended three times. The last time it broke happened a couple days after seeing this fox. That day, I would not have made it home, without losing the bumper completely, without the help from some trusty Gorilla tape!

I did not realize how much energy I was using worrying and focusing on these car troubles, until a solution came into my life!

A brand new vehicle. Something that scared the crap out of me to be honest. I was not used to owning something so beautiful and expensive. But with the help from my partner, some intense meditation, and after driving a worry-free vehicle for a couple days, I realized it was the right choice. We all deserve nice things!

What does this have to do with the fox??

Firey Fox

Well if you google the symbolism of the fox, one of it’s meanings could be that a solution to a problem in your life will show up.

The point of my little story is not to tell you what the symbolism of a fox is. The point is to give you a real life example of how everything in life is connected. The fox crossing my path was not a coincidence.

You see, all living things have energy, and energy transfers effortlessly, affecting everything in it’s path. Once you open your mind and heart up to this concept you will start noticing a lot of “coincidences” in life, which aren’t really coincidences at all, but in fact purposeful synchronicities.

I won’t dive into to this topic, it can get deep and confusing. But I suggest that as you go about your day, be mindful of the energy that you are “emanating” into the world and aware of the things that pop up into your life. You may find that they are connected.

Perhaps try starting your day, from the moment you wake up, with a, “Wow what a beautiful morning! I am so grateful to be alive.”, and trust me, trust yourself, trust the universe, God, whoever, you will find lots of beautiful things in your life and more reasons to be grateful to be alive. Give it a try, what do you have to lose!?

Have a sunny day my friends. 🙂



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