Emanate Joy – Transformation

This weeks’ piece is all about the transformation of the springtime season.

It’s so wonderful to go for a walk or a drive right now hey?! Everything is green, fresh and buzzing with life. It’s such an inspiring time, especially when you’re a nature focused artist like me!

Did anyone else notice how amazing the apple blossoms were last week?!

I live in my grandma’s old yard and she has about 9 apple trees, 4 of which were full of flowers.

One morning, as I was walking to my car to head to work, the sun was coming up and poking through the trees to dimly light one particularly pretty apple tree in the yard. I couldn’t help but snap a few pics with my phone, even if I was going to be a little late for work!

This pic would be my reference for my latest Emanate Joy Piece — I was sure of it. It was such a beautiful moment and was sure to bring some joy to my friends.

However, the piece did not go as planned, but not in a bad way!

When I sat down to get to work, every time I closed my eyes to imagine exactly how the painting would look, I kept seeing pinks, purples and yellows — a sunset.

I was not totally surprised, sunsets are kinda my favourite thing ever, but this apple blossom picture was going to be so nice! Why does it need a sunset!?

I’m a pretty intuitive person though, and rely on my gut to make a lot of decisions, so I knew I had to go with the pinks, purples and yellows.

When I first started painting, I was a little worried. I had no photo reference, so my internal comfort zone was screaming, what are you doing?!

I trusted my gut though and blended colours that felt right, trying not to think too hard and just go with the flow.

As the painting started to develop, I really got in the zone and it came together quite quickly and easily.

When it was all said and done, I sat back to see what I had created. I could sense it’s energy and it just felt right.

The playful, bright colours, high contrast, glowing yellows and greens, and the wispy tree. It was emanating joy. “This is my style.” I thought to myself.


“Transformation” refers to spring, and the transforming of our land into a beautiful lush, green, paradise. However, it is also about the transformation of pushing past comfort zones, going with our guts, growing and becoming true to yourself, and developing your “syle”. As an artist, or whatever it is you do, and even just as a human being.

I hope you feel the courage and soul that went into this piece, and are inspired to continue growing outside your comfort zone to be true to yourself.

Have a wnderful day my friends.



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