Emanate Joy — A Mother’s Bouquet

We’ve all done it at one point in our lives … handed our mom a handful of weeds full of bugs and say, “Here you go mom, I picked these JUST for you!!”

As a little kid, to see a sea of sunny yellow “daisies” made our eyes wide. We would pick as many as possible and either “pop off their heads”, or hand them over to someone we loved. Many-a-times I’m sure that was our mom.

I’m not a mom, so I don’t know the feeling, but I’m sure it would be pretty special to have your child personally pick a handful of dandelion’s, just for you. Even if they are considered a weed. We would still be happy for our child’s generous heart.

Hopefully, my painting reminds all the mom’s out there of this feeling.

A Mother’s Bouquet

I had a different plan for my Emanate piece this week, but when I stepped outside yesterday, and saw one single dandelion poke its head through the crack in our cement patio stones, I was reminded of being a little kid and how excited I would have been to pick that dandelion for mom, so I was inspired to create this. In honour of Mother’s Day.

As I painted this picture, I thought of my mom and how grateful I am for her, all she has done for me and all she has taught me.

We truly wouldn’t be who we are today without our moms, exactly as they are, so take some time right now and to think about all the reasons why you love your mom, (or your grandma or sister or any special lady in your life). It’s a pretty awesome feeling. We are all very lucky when we take the time to recognize it.

Whether it’s through the dandelion’s symbolism of warm, sunny days, or whether it reminds you of picking or receiving dandelion bouquets, I hope in some way this dandelion piece connects with you to bring you some joy!



Ps. If you would like to order high quality prints of a Mother’s Bouquet, you can do so here. 🙂


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