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Featured: The Sapling

The story of a young maple tree growing up, facing her fears, and learning to embrace who she is meant to be.

A must have for every parent, child-care provider, teacher, counselor, and healer. Let the words and pictures lead you through an important, inspiring journey from fear to love.

Written by Jessie Klassen
Illustrated by Emily MacDonald

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Starting up a new business, or refreshing an existing one? You have come to the right place. Emanate can give your business the unique, modern and professional brand you are looking for through a wide array of print design services including: logos, booklets, brochures, promotional material, and signage.

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Commissioned artwork or quality prints for your home, a pet portrait for a loved one, or custom, hand-rendered or digital illustrations for your business … Emanate covers all your artistic needs.

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Emily’s honest passion for life and for what she does shines through in all her creations. Her vivid artwork is so alive that is has literally moved me to tears ... Emily is not only a gifted artist and designer, but is also very professional, hardworking, and committed to any project she pursues. She is also a wonderful listener who aims to please and is always true to her word and delivers what is promised. I am inspired every time we connect and look forward to many more projects together.

Jessie Klassen,
Author of The Sapling

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