Authentic Branding & High Quality Designs by Emily Saler

Branding Projects

We offer high-quality, authentic brand design for big vision business owners. Whether you're wanting to start up a new business and start out on the right foot with an engaging and impactful brand, or you've been around for a while and want to elevate your brand so it reflects your current state of success, we got you!

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Illustration Projects

We offer custom, high-quality digital or hand-rendered illustrations for your business or community project, to bring your ambitions to the next level. Where we really shine In this area is custom designs for branded merchandise that set any business apart from their competitors.

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Manitoba Hydro Projects

Emily Saler is also a full-time graphic designer at Manitoba Hydro, and has had the pleasure of working on a variety of big budget, high-calibre campaigns and marketing initiatives over the span of her 8 year career.

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Emily’s honest passion for life and for what she does shines through in all her creations. Her vivid artwork is so alive that is has literally moved me to tears ... Emily is not only a gifted artist and designer, but is also very professional, hardworking, and committed to any project she pursues. She is also a wonderful listener who aims to please and is always true to her word and delivers what is promised. I am inspired every time we connect and look forward to many more projects together.

Jessie Klassen,
Author of The Sapling

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